Frustrated Crafter

The imagination piqued, the ideas flowing, the skills exist, the time does not. To Craft is a passion, the need to not be useless is exceptional, how do I convert this to well managed useful ability? I wish to sew, crochet, and make. I cannot be with people that do these things, I am to afraid, my anxiety will not let me participate. Frustration reigns supreme in my life. I know I should be an outgoing social person, but I just cannot overcome the terror that binds me here.


New Old Memories…

Who knew that something most people consider a chore could bring back such happy unbounded memories. Peaceful, relaxing, simple, and downright good fun. What could provide all this fantasticness you ask, the simple joy of mowing grass.
Forwards, backwards, left, right, around the tree, backup, missed a bit, straight lines, or squares it does not really matter as long as it looks good when it is done.
A new experience, a ride on lawn mower, so much peace at four times the speed… AWESOMENESS, the joy I have, I find myself singing and giggling, and most importantly…. No-one is judging me! By myself enjoying the serenity and peacefulness.
The Moral of today, the Happiness is there you just have to remember how to unlock it!



Today was a turmoil of emotions. Frustration winning the race. When I figure out that I do not need to know WHY people do things, just how I can cope and move past the frustration, I will feel a lot more relaxed. Sometimes seeing the world in black and white can be a gift, but it have found when you add other humans to that black and white world, everything quickly becomes very grey.  I am scared and completely unsure of how to teach my children ( who all have ASD symptoms) to get past the fact that other people are not following the rules, these rules include but are not limited to, school playground behaviours, at home play behaviours. How do I teach them to respect other people and their opinions when those same people fail to respect them. This is not logical nor is it black and white…. Makes it very difficult for my kids to grasp their place in the world effectively